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V V Brown visits the Grammy gang

The lovely and talented VV Brown paid a visit to the headquarters of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the producers of The Grammy(r) Awards) in Santa Monica, CA, on July 29 for an impromptu acoustic performance and an installment of “5 Questions With…” – a new Academy series designed to engage recording artists [...]

V V Brown teams up with the cast of “Degrassi”

Last week the Teen Nick network debuted a new video for V V Brown’s “Shark in the Water” featuring the cast of “Degrassi” and a carnival theme. The song was featured in all the promo leading up to this season’s “Degrassi” premiere, and was such a resounding success that VV and the cast of the [...]

Headline dates for VV Brown

The amazing VV Brown has announced her first ever US headlining shows. Currently finishing up her opening run for Little Dragon which ends in San Francisco next week, VV will play New York on April 28, San Diego on May 10, Los Angeles on May 12 and Minneapolis in May. Check out her website for [...]

VV Brown invades NYC with a Yellow Cab session

It’s become sort of a UK music custom in some circles to do an acoustic set in the back of a taxi, or ‘black cab.’ Well, VV Brown has imported the tradition to NYC.  She and a few band co-horts recently took to the Manhattan streets in the back of a New York yellow cab, [...]

V V Brown Hits the US

Capitol Records recording artist V V Brown is taking the US by storm! She gave a dazzling performance of “Shark in the Water,” a track off her upcoming album, “Travelling Like The Light” ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Show and later, visited with Studio360 Host Kurt Anderson for an in-studio performance (click below).