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EMI and The Echo Nest team up for OpenEMI app innovation

We’re very pleased to announce today a new partnership with The Echo Nest as part of our OpenEMI initiative that puts thousands of amazing songs and other content such as videos and photos in the hands of more than 10,000 application developers around the world. This is the most extensive collection of licensed music and [...]

The Japanese Popstars’ new album ‘Controlling Your Allegiance out this week’

After a helping hand from their very own baboon, rising UK electronic dance stars The Japanese Popstars release their great new album ‘Controlling Your Allegiance’ today through Virgin Records (tomorrow, June 21, in the US through Astralwerks). Links to buy the album can be found here. Hailing from Northern Ireland, The Japanese Popstars have developed [...]

The Japanese Popstars introduce Joshua the baboon

Live electronic band The Japanese Popstars have just launched a brilliant, groundbreaking new Facebook app, Joshua the baboon. Inspired by their new single ‘Joshua’ featuring Tom Smith from The Editors (out May 22), within The Japanese Popstars Facebook page lies animated baboon Joshua, confined to his cage, hungry and howling. Fans can help Joshua by [...]

The Japanese Popstars’ new video, ‘Destroy’, now out

The Japanese Popstars, the electronic trio from Northern Ireland who joined EMI earlier this year are currently finishing off their much anticipated second album. Next month, July 5, they release the ‘Destroy EP’, a taster for the forthcoming album. The video for the pulsating title track, the infectious  ‘Destroy’, featuring Jon Spencer (of his Blues [...]

The Japanese Popstars are ready to Destroy

A new signing for EMI that we’re very excited about is The Japanese Popstars, a trio from Northern Ireland who have spent the last 18 months touring the world and winning huge numbers of fans to their sparkling electronic dance music. Hailed as the rightful heirs to the likes of Underworld, Leftfield, The Chemical Brothers [...]