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The Decemberists get their first ever number one album

Fantastic result for The Decemberists who today have earned their first ever number one! Their widely acclaimed album ‘The King Is Dead’ was released by EMI’s Capitol Records in the US on January 18 and today debuts at the top of the Billboard Top 200 chart. The album has also given the band their highest [...]

The Decemberists auctioning limited edition signed posters for charity

The Decemberists announced today that the band will be auctioning off 10 limited edition show posters (six signed, four unsigned for “poster art purists”) to kick off fund-raising efforts for The Jeremy Wilson Foundation.  The foundation is dedicated to helping uninsured and under-insured musicians and their dependents in times of medical crisis. The posters are [...]

Decemberists’ “HERE COME THE WAVES: THE HAZARDS OF LOVE VISUALIZED” now available exclusively at iTunes

The Decemberists’ epic song cycle The Hazards Of Love takes on new life today December 1st with the release of Here Come The Waves: The Hazards Of Love Visualized, a full-length video album available exclusively through iTunes, the first of a kind for the digital retailer. Here Come The Waves, which was debuted live in [...]