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Chemical Brothers interactive videos

Ahead of the release of the innovative new audio/visual The Chemical Brothers album ‘Further’, check out this interactive video showcasing clips from the visuals which accompany every track. Select each video by clicking the appropriate box and be taken to your chosen clip. To return to the menu screen at any time click the menu [...]

Swoon with The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers have released this fantastic visual accompaniment for their new track Swoon: New album ‘Further” is released on June 14 (June 22 in the US) and will come with visuals for every track on the album. And if you’re in the UK, this weekend’s Sunday Times will include a free CD containing tracks [...]

Chemical Brothers’ Escape Velocity visual teaser

Check out this teaser of the visual accompaniment to ‘Escape Velocity’, one of the new tracks on the astonishing new audio/visual album from The Chemical Brothers, ‘Further’, which is out June 14:

New Chemical Brothers Track: “Escape Velocity”

Here’s a new track preview from The Chemical Brothers’ upcoming album, “Further.” It’s called “Escape Velocity.” We love it!

Chemical Brothers get ready to go Further

The Chemical Brothers have confirmed the release of their seventh studio album, ‘Further’, on June 7/June 8 (US) through Freestyle Dust/EMI. And for the first time the album will be released with films made specifically for each of the eight tracks. The films will be included on an iTunes LP and a special edition DVD. [...]

First Chemical Brothers gigs in almost 18 months

The Chemical Brothers have a justifiably deserved reputation for their stunning live shows. After spending almost 18 months away from the stage, Tom and Ed have announced three new gigs: on May 20 and May 21 they will play at London’s Roundhouse and the following month, June 19, they will headline the Saturday night of [...]