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Snoop’s cool top 10

Ever wondered what the Top 10 Things That Sound Cool When Said by Snoop Dogg are? Watch his appearance on Late Night with David Letterman on US TV on Wednesday night and wonder no more:

Snoop Dogg – superhero!

Hip-hop icon, Creative Chairman of EMI’s Priority Records, and now superhero. Yes, on March 23 Snoop Dogg will release ‘More Malice: Deluxe Album and Movie’, combination album and 40 minute mini-movie starring Snoop as a superhero on a mission to save his city. In the film, Snoop plays super crime-fighter ‘Malice’ who is striving to [...]

Snoop Dogg – more Malice album and movie

Snoop Dogg has announced that he will follow up December’s ‘Malice N Wonderland’ with ‘More Malice: Deluxe Album and Movie’ on March 22 (March 23 in the US). The album will feature one of the singles from ‘Malice N Wonderland’ plus five new songs and two remixes. And included with ‘More Malice’ will be a [...]

Priority Records celebrates its first 25 years

Following the release last December of Snoop Dogg’s ‘Malice N Wonderland’, EMI’s Priority Records, the seminal rap label behind hip-hop legends including N.W.A., Ice Cube and Easy-E, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. To mark the milestone the label is releasing a series of commemorative albums throughout the year, starting on February 23 with [...]

Give your GPS some Snoop sizzle

You can now have Snoop Dogg tell you exactly where you need to go with the release of his very own GPS navigation voice. Produced by VoiceSkins.com and compatible with TomTom GPS devices, Snoop’s VoiceSkin will ensure the hip-hop legend is never far away and always keeps you on track.

Listen to the new Snoop Dogg album right now

Snoop Dogg’s new album, his tenth, ‘Malice N Wonderland’ is out next week through EMI’s re-launched Priority Records (of which Snoop is Creative Chairman). But you don’t have to wait until then to hear tis new album from the hip-hop icon – ‘Malice N Wonderland’ is can currently be heard in its entirety on Snoop’s [...]

Snoop Dogg featuring The Dream ‘Gangsta Luv’ video

Snoop’s new album won’t be out until December, but to help ease the wait, here’s the new video for the album’s first single, ‘Gangsta Luv’: watch?v=0MuZfZDVbPI&feature=player_embedded

Behind the scenes at Capitol with Snoop Dogg: the making of the cover and album packaging for “Malice in Wonderland”