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Sky Ferreira to release brand new digital EP in March

Already familiar to many from her sultry and enigmatic presence in global ad campaigns for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger Denim and Calvin Klein’s ck one, 18-year-old singer songwriter Sky Ferreira has confirmed the US release of her new digital EP ‘As If!’ on March 22. The lead track, ‘Sex Rules’, is currently for sale [...]

New Sky Ferreira dance remixes

Ahead of the release next month in the UK of the debut single ‘One’ by US pop prodigy Sky Ferreira, check out these great new remixes of the track – a stomping house anthem by producers/DJs WAWA and a drum and bass mix by heavyweight producer Logistics:

Sky Ferreira makes Entertainment Weekly’s “Must List”

Sky Ferreira’s new track “One” is burning up the Interwebs and captivating fans, fashionistas, critics and pop culture junkies.  The editors at Entertainment Weekly added “One” to their “Must List” this week, saying “The electro-pop princess’ single has the makings of the perfect dance jam thanks to sweet vocals and trip-happy beats…” The single will be [...]

Sky Ferreira’s video debut

Check out this great new video for ‘One’, the debut release from American pop prodigy Sky Ferreira. The single will be out in the UK next month:

Sky Ferreira’s debut single hits the UK in August

We’re very pleased to announce the debut single by US pop prodigy Sky Ferreira, ‘One’, a pop anthem that promises to be an instant classic. ‘One’ will be released in the UK on August 2 by EMI’s Parlophone Records and you can check it out right now here: ‘One’ is produced by top Swedish pop [...]

Sky Ferreira’s in Nylon, and Talks to BuzzNet from her Bedroom

The buzz on Sky Ferreira continues to grow.  She took time out of working on her upcoming debut album to meet with the folks at Nylon.  Sky is included in the mag’s list of 15 up-and-coming artists to watch.  Pick up the July issue, on newsstands now. Sky also “gets in bed with” BuzzNet, inviting viewers into [...]

Sky Ferreira Video Premiere

Keep an eye on Sky!  She’s already getting buzz on both sides of the pond for her prodigious songwriting and fashion sense, and now the video for Sky Ferreira‘s new track, “17,” is launching today on BuzzNet (yep, Sky’s 17).   Idolator has the details on the project, directed by fashion photographer and filmaker Cass Bird.  Watch [...]

Sky Ferreira Has Impeccably Weird Taste

Or so says Interview magazine in this story just out.  The mag asks what makes this 17 year old singer/songwriter Sky Ferreira such a special case?  “Everything, basically.  She’s a rough-around-the-edges beauty with a sterling voice, impeccably weird taste, and an almost maniacal inability to take no for an answer.”     Sky Ferreira photo [...]