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Sick Puppies confirm international album release, UK gig dates

As their latest single ‘Maybe’ races up the US charts and radio playlists, Australian/US rock trio Sick Puppies have confirmed the international release of their debut album ‘Tri-Polar’ and a series of UK gigs later this month. The album was released in North America and Australia and New Zealand last July, and will now be [...]

Hello Cleveland! Sick Puppies do live taping tonight for iTunes release later this summer

Aussie rockers Sick Puppies are making a tour stop at the House of Blues in Cleveland tonight, where Live Nation will be recording their show for an iTunes exclusive to be released in the US later this summer.  Rock on Shim, Emma and Mark!  The band is touring in support of their latest album, “Tri-Polar” out [...]

Alice In Chains, Slash, Sick Puppies visit indie shops on Record Store Day

This Saturday, April 17th is the 3rd annual Record Store Day – and this year, it’s being celebrated in thousands of indie music stores in 18 countries.  Indie music fans will have the chance to pick up limited edition vinyl releases (check participating retailers around the world or in the US), snap up free samples [...]

Sick Puppies ready for a fight

Sick Puppies‘ hit single ‘You’re Going Down’ appears on the soundtrack to WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 computer game, and this Friday (18th) the band will go one step further to connect with fans of the wrestling game by logging into Xbox Live, under the tag ‘SICKPUPPIESband’ and taking on all comers. The band will [...]