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Saving Abel new album release June 8th, announces summer tour details.

Virgin Records will release Saving Abel’s MISS AMERICA on June 8, 2010. The follow-up to the band’s breakthrough debut has reached critical mass via strong support at radio, adds at key video channels, and a world tour that has been underway for three months. The lead single “Stupid Girl (Only In Hollywood)” is flying up [...]

Saving Abel performs USO concert on aircraft carrier

Rock band Saving Abel recently teamed up again with the USO for a concert in front of US troops.  On April 11th, the band was airlifted to an undisclosed location in the Pacific Ocean and boarded aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson as part of a USO concert at sea.  Spreading cheer to sailors returning [...]

Saving Abel tour Persian Gulf in support of US troops

Virgin Records rockers Saving Abel are currently in the Persian Gulf for an eight day tour across three countries as part of an official USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tour, performing for US troops stationed in the region. One of the concerts will be streamed back home through Ustream. The band are also hand delivering cards and [...]