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Roxette karaoke in your pocket

New album, new tour and now their very own portable Roxette karaoke machine. Yes the chart-topping Swedish duo have just launched a brand new iPhone app, developed by Swedish company Singbox, which allows you to sing along to Roxette’s classic videos and compete with friends and other fans. With a live studio feedback feature, everyone [...]

Roxette launch offical app

With less than two weeks to go until they release their first new studio album in over 10 years (UK release will come in the spring), Roxette have launched a brand new official app. The app includes all the latest news from Marie and Per, videos, photos, lyrics and the ability to connect with other [...]

Roxette premiere brand new video, launch official Facebook page

As we approach the release of their first new studio album in a decade, Roxette have just released the video to their new single, ‘She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)’. The European release date for the top-selling Swedish duo’s new album, ‘Charm School’, is February 14. In the UK the album and single will [...]

Roxette turn on the charm

After 25 years and global sales of 70 million albums, Roxette are one of the biggest groups ever from Sweden and in February 2011 they will return with their first new studio album in a decade, ‘Charm School’. The chances of Roxette recording a new album looked slim in autumn 2002 when Marie Fredriksson was [...]