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Multiple Grammy nominations for EMI Music artists including Lady Antebellum, Katy Perry and Dierks Bentley

A massive congratulations to all of EMI Music’s artists who have been nominated for the upcoming Grammy Awards, the biggest honours in the American music calendar. Lady Antebellum continue their stunning year with six nominations, including in the leading categories of Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year. Katy [...]

Rosanne Cash wins Album of the Year at the Americana Music Awards

Congratulations to Rosanne Cash who last night won ‘Album of the Year’ for her most recent album, ‘The List’, at the 2010 Americana Honors & Awards Show in Nashville. At the ceremony, which was attended by luminaries including Emmylou Harris, Robert Plant, Jack White, Lucinda Williams and Mary Chapin Carpenter, Cash performed the Bobbie Gentry [...]

Rosanne Cash to publish memoir, perform on “Good Morning America”

The lovely and talented Rosanne Cash is publishing a memoir of her life growing up as the eldest daughter of the legendary Johnny Cash and coming into her own as a singer, a songwriter, daughter and mother.  The same day the book, ”Composed,” (Viking, August 10th) hits stores, Ms. Cash will appear on Good Morning America on [...]

Rosanne Cash delivers “Heartache by the Numbers” to Imus

Iconic radio/TV host Don Imus impressed us with his songwriting knowledge today when he had Rosanne Cash and her band on his show.  They did two great versions of songs from her latest album, ‘The List.”  Check it here. Watch the latest business video at video.foxbusiness.com

56 Grammy nominations for EMI Music artists

Congratulations to all of EMI Music’s artists who have been nominated for the upcoming Grammy Awards which will be presented in LA on January 31 2010. David Guetta (who you can see below with Estelle who sings the title track on his current global hit album ‘One Love’) has five Grammy nods and electrified the [...]

Rosanne Cash in ABC Primetime chat on “The List,” her father and her education

Rosanne Cash talks about the origins of her latest album, “The List,” on ABC Primetime this week.  The albums songs were culled from a list of songs every performer should know that her father, Johnny Cash, made for her when she was 18.  “He called it my education.”  Watch the clip here.

Rosanne Cash Debuts “The List” at Brooklyn Performing Arts Center Benefit

Singer/songwriter Rosanne Cash wowed a sold out NYC crowd by performing material from her latest album, “The List” (Manhattan Records) at Brooklyn’s St. Ann’s Warehouse last week.   The critically-acclaimed album features 12 songs from a list of essential Americana songs her father, Johnny Cash, made for her when she accompanied him on tour 20 years ago. The New York [...]