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Robbie at the Apple Store in London

Robbie Williams performed live at the Apple Store in London just before Christmas. A live EP of the performance is available now from iTunes, and Robbie has just posted this new video podcast recorded backstage before the gig:

Calling all Robbie super fans

The search for the no.1 Robbie Williams fan is on – go to his website before 9:30am UK time on Friday to enter round one of the contest. There’s a selection of questions all about Robbie which if answered correctly could see you through to round two. But only before 9:30 on Friday! In other [...]

Robbie Williams launches iPhone racing app

Robbie has launched his official racing game app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game allows racing across the Mojave Desert against a backdrop inspired by the 'Bodies' video, or a course modelled on Robbie's own private track. The game includes in-game versios of 'Bodies' and 'Diffucult For Weirdos' from new album 'Reality Killed [...]

Empire of the Sun clean up at the ARIAs

Congratulations to Empire of the Sun for a massive SEVEN wins at this year’s ARIA Awards in Australia. The duo of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore dominated the Australian music industry’s big night out, winning: Album of the Year Single of the Year Best Group Best Pop Release Best Cover Art Best Video Producer of [...]

Robbie Williams – video for ‘You Know Me’

As his new album shoots to the top of the charts around the world, the video for Robbie's fantastic new single, 'You Know Me' is now out. It features Robbie in a fairy-tale world as a furry, fluffy-eared dancing rabbit. Check it out here:

Robbie Williams on track for eighth number one studio album

The wait is finally over as Robbie’s new album, ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’, is now out. It’s been less than two days and it’s already number one at iTunes in 16 countries and is currently topping the UK midweek chart. Here’s the full story: ROBBIE WILLIAMS IS ON COURSE TO SCORE HIS EIGHTH NUMBER [...]

Hear the new Robbie Williams album right now

Can’t wait the week until Robbie’s amazing new album ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’ is out next Monday? Fear not, as Robbie is streaming the entire album for free from his website – three tracks a day, all week. Listen now.

Robbie to pick up Outstanding Contribution BRIT

In more Robbie news, Mr Williams has been confirmed as the recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to Music award at next year’s BRITs in London. Robbie, who has already won more BRITs than any other artist, will also close the show on 16 February with a live performance.

Robbie back in the record books

Robbie Williams played a storming set at London’s Roundhouse last night, his first live concert in three years, and in the process he set a new world record for the most simultaneous cinematic screenings of a live concert. Congratulations!

Robbie Williams live at the Electric Proms

Don’t forget, Robbie’s first live gig in three years is tonight at the Roundhouse in London. The show will be broadcast live to nearly 200 cinemas across Europe and screened in Australia on 6 November and South Africa on 13 November. A number of radio stations in Europe are also going to broadcast the live [...]