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EMI Music Australia launches flood relief auction

As parts of Australia continue to suffer from major flooding, our colleagues in Australia are auctioning off all sorts of exclusive, signed and rare items from their vaults to raise money for the floods’ relief efforts. The items, which are currently open for bids on EMI Music Australia’s eBay page, include signed and other items [...]

Robbie Williams video game out next week

‘We Sing Robbie Williams’, the Wii video game that enables fans to sing along to 26 of Robbie Williams‘ top hits, has been confirmed for release on November 12 by the title’s developers, Nordic Games. The game includes all of Robbie’s best known hits includnig ‘Angels’, ‘Let Me Entertain You’, ‘Feel’, ‘Rock DJ’, ‘She’s The [...]

Robbie launches Facebook Tag Yourself feature

Have you been to one of Robbie Williams‘ stunning gigs over the last 20 years? Head over to Robbie’s Facebook page as every Monday a new picture of one of his past shows will be posted and fans can tag themselves to claim their place in the photo. This week’s pic is from Robbie’s gig [...]

Robbie Williams launches Twitter lyrics game

To mark the release of  his new album, ‘In And Out Of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990-2010′, next month, Robbie Williams has launched a new Tweet The Lyric game which allows fans to tweet their favourite lyrics from Robbie’s biggest hits and win exclusive Twitter profile badges. Tweet The Lyric launches today, September 27, and a [...]

New Robbie Williams video ‘Shame’ premieres

Robbie Willams has unveiled the video for his brilliant brand new single, ‘Shame’, a duet with Gary Barlow. This is the first time the newly re-united Take That members have been seen on screen together in fifteen years. Watch it now here: ‘Shame’ is released October 4. The track is taken from Robbie’s forthcoming album [...]

Tinie Tempah and Gorillaz lead BT Digital Music Award nominations

Congratulations to Tinie Tempah and Gorillaz who lead the BT Digital Music Awards nominations with five apiece. Also nominated are Robbie Williams, Kylie, 30 Seconds To Mars, Deadmau5, Professor Green and Roll Deep. Robbie Williams, Tinie, Roll Deep and Professor Green are nominated in four public vote categories – Best Male, Best Song, Best Newcomer, [...]

Robbie Williams to headline Help For Heroes concert

Robbie Williams has been confirmed as the headliner for a concert in Twickenham in the UK on Sunday September 12 for the Help For Heroes concert which will honour the service of the men and women in the British military. Says Robbie: “I am honoured to be a part of this show and to help [...]

Robbie Williams to star in his own video game

EMI and Nordic Games are teaming up to launch a brand new video game featuring the music of Robbie Williams. ‘We Sing Robbie Williams’ will be released to tie-in with Robbie’s upcoming definitive greatest hits album, ‘In And Out Of Consciousness: The Greatest Hits 1990-2010”, which is due out in October. The new video game, [...]

Robbie confirms greatest hits double album, duet with Gary Barlow

Robbie Williams will release his brand new single, ‘Shame’, co-written and performed with Gary Barlow, through EMI’s Virgin Records on October 4. This is the first time the two have written and recorded a song together snice Robbie’s departure from Take That in 1995. The song is taken from Robbie’s forthcoming fully comprehensive two CD [...]

The Squad presents Three Lions – new video

As announced last week, the greatest ever England football song, ‘Three Lions’, is back, re-recorded by ‘The Squad’. The video is now out. Watch it here: