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Yoko Ono and EMI Music partner with YouTube for John Lennon birthday tributes

To mark the 70th birthday of John Lennon tomorrow, October 9, Yoko Ono and EMI Music have partnered with YouTube for a number of exciting global tributes to celebrate the life and work of the music legend. The John Lennon official YouTube channel has launched which will feature video testimonials from may of Lennon’s famous [...]

Ringo gets a little help from his friends, plus some ‘peace and love’ on his birthday

Ringo Starr celebrates his 70th birthday today, and Rolling Stone is helping him celebrate by releasing this exclusive clip of Ringo playing “With a Little Help From My Friends” featuring guests performers Ben Harper and Relentless7 and Joan Osbourne.  The performance is from the upcoming season of “Live From the Artists Den” and was recorded at the [...]

Peace and Love for Ringo’s birthday

Happy Birthday to Ringo Starr who turns 70 today! And what would he like for his birthday? For the people all over the world to share peace and love, at 12 noon today, wherever they are. As he explains here: Tweet today, July 7,  wishing everyone Peace and Love with #ringolove2010, and look out on [...]

Ringo Starr unveils Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Ringo Starr unveiled his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday night at the foot of EMI’s iconic Capitol Tower. Following speeches by Joe Walsh, Ben Harper and Don Was, Ringo took to the podium himself. Speaking of life in The Beatles, he said: “They looked out for me and I looked out [...]