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Cypress Hill “Rise Up” in the new “Green Hornet” trailer

Cypress Hill‘s anthemic title track, “Rise Up,” from their latest album on Priority Records, is the soundbed for the trailer that was launched today to promote Michel Gondry’s much anticipated film, “The Green Hornet.”  The trailer for the film, starring Seth Rogen and due out January 2011, hits theaters, TV and online across the US today.  Check [...]

Priority Records continues 25th anniversary with compilation of Snoop Dogg recommended tracks

Priority Records continues its 25th anniversary celebration with the July 13 release in the US of a new compilation showcasing the most influential and best known artists from the famous label’s first quarter century. Priority’s Creative Chairman, Snoop Dogg, selected the 17 tracks which include recordings from NWA, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Mack 10 as well [...]

Cypress Hill sign with EMI’s Priority Records

We're delighted to welcome legendary hip-hop/rock group Cypress Hill to Priority Records. The first signing to the label by Priority's new Creative Chairman Snoop Dogg, the band will release their first new studio album in six years, 'Rise Up' on April 6. The first single from the album is its title track which features Rage [...]

Priority Records celebrates its first 25 years

Following the release last December of Snoop Dogg’s ‘Malice N Wonderland’, EMI’s Priority Records, the seminal rap label behind hip-hop legends including N.W.A., Ice Cube and Easy-E, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. To mark the milestone the label is releasing a series of commemorative albums throughout the year, starting on February 23 with [...]