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Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast voted best British album of the past 60 years

Congratulations to Iron Maiden – the iconic rockers’ landmark 1982 ‘The Number of the Beast’ has been voted the best British album of the past 60 years in a major survey of fans and the wider British public. The month-long poll to find the UK’s favourite album was run by HMV to mark the Queen’s [...]

Pink Floyd launch new Facebook store with exclusive bundle offers

Calling all Pink Floyd fans – check out the brand new Pink Floyd Facebook store which currently has exclusive Immersion Edition and vinyl bundle offers available for purchase without leaving Facebook. Visit the store here or click on the image below.

Hunt for Pink Floyd treasure

The UK’s first ever national Pink Floyd treasure hunt kicked off today, inviting fans to find posters of all 14 Pink Floyd studio album sleeves which have been placed in 11 towns and cities across the UK. The hunt is part of the ‘Why Pink Floyd‘ initiative which has seen the release of special editions [...]

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Immersion, Experience, vinyl and SACD editions are here

‘Wish You Were Here’ is coming!

We’re very excited to bring you further details of the next phase of releases from the legendary Pink Floyd – November 7th will not only see the release of ‘Immersion’ and ‘Experience’ editions of ‘Wish You Were Here’ but also ‘A Foot In The Door  – The Best Of Pink Floyd’. The five-disc ‘Wish You [...]

Pink Floyd – The Greatest Gig In The Sky

Don’t miss out on Pink Floyd‘s ‘The Greatest Gig In The Sky’, a previously unreleased recording of the band’s legendary ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ album from November 1974. Available on YouTube every hour this unique global streaming event combines the live audio recording with original Pink Floyd screen films, exclusive footage and real-time [...]

The incredible Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion edition

Check out the amazing contents of the new remastered ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Immersion Box, the seminal album by Pink Floyd, available to pre-order now and released September 26. Celebrating Pink Floyd’s music, the band’s entire back catalogue has been remastered this year. Three of the albums have been selected for release in expanded [...]

Pink Floyd redefine their EMI legacy

Very exciting news today that there will be a new major release campaign for Pink Floyd encompassing CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, SACD, an array of digital formats, viral marketing, iPhone Apps and a brand new single-album ‘Best Of’. The legendary band, whose association with EMI dates back to 1967, recently signed an agreement with EMI [...]

Pink Floyd and EMI sign new global agreement

We’re delighted to announce that Pink Floyd and EMI have signed a new global partnership which will see EMI Music continue to market and distribute Pink Floyd’s catalogue. Read the full announcement here.

Pink Floyd Music Featured on CBS’s “Cold Case” in US on Sunday, March 21

Several songs by the iconic rock group Pink Floyd will be featured exclusively throughout the episode of COLD CASE to be broadcast Sunday, March 21 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. The featured songs are “Hey You,” “Comfortably Numb,” “Mother,” “Marooned,” “Time,” “The Thin Ice” and “Wish You Were Here.” “Pink Floyd’s music [...]