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Lollapalooza is underway, don’t miss these EMI bands

Lollapalooza started in Chicago’s Grant Park this afternoon.  If you are headed for the Windy City, you are in for an amazing weekend.  Be sure to catch highly-anticipated performances from  Empire of the Sun, Hot Chip, Cypress Hill and more.  Check out the full line-up of EMI artists below. The Constellations Friday Aug 6 1:00 [...]

Red-hot songwriter-producer duo NERVO join Astralwerks/Virgin, launch label

The hot songwriter/production duo NERVO — Aussie sisters Liv and Mim Nervo —  are joining Astralwerks and Virgin Records (more details here).  The hit-making twins will release their own music as artists for the first time ever.  They’ll also sign talent to their new imprint Nervo Records. Nervo has already chalked up impressive credits, including co-writing with newly minted pop star [...]