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Lionel Loueke: NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

During a tour stop in Washington, DC, US radio network National Public Radio asked Blue Note Recording artist Lionel Loueke and members of his trio to record for their “Tiny Desk Concert” series.  The West African-born jazz guitarist obliged, squeezing into the tiny studio space with long time drummer/collaborator Ferenc Nemeth (but sans bass player).  [...]

Lionel Loueke’s getting Raves

Check out this rave review of Lionel Loueke that aired today from NPR’s All Things Considered. This Blue Note-signed jazz guitarist’s lastest release is called Mwaliko. NPR calls it his best work yet. Check him out for one of the freshest, most original sounds in jazz today.

Lionel Loueke Receives USA Fellowship, Unveils New Album Details

United States Artists (USA), the national grant-making and advocacy organization, has named guitarist Lionel Loueke the recipient of a 2009 USA Fellowship. The recipients were announced last night at a ceremony in Los Angeles at which Loueke performed. The USA Fellows program annually awards fifty unrestricted grants of $50,000 to artists of all disciplines who [...]