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Kylie announces 2011 North American live dates

Kylie Minogue has confirmed details of the North America leg of her ‘Aphrodite – Live 2011′ tour. The tour kicks off in Europe in Denmark on February 19. After a series of arena dates in Europe and Japan Kylie will hit North America with her first show in Montreal on April 28. Pre-sale tickets for [...]

Kylie ‘Let It Snow’ premieres

Check out the fantastic new Christmas single from Kylie – ‘Let It Snow’. If you’re in the US you can see her perform it tomorrow night, November 30, on NBC at 7pm EST at the Rockefeller Center Christmas lighting ceremony:

Kylie ‘Better Than Today’ video is out

Kylie‘s brand new video for her next single ‘Better Than Today’ is now out. The single, which is out on December 6, is the third from her number album ‘Aphrodite’. The video was directed by none other than Ms Minogue herself. Watch it here now:

Kylie dazzles X Factor

Kylie performed the world premiere of her new single ‘Better Than Today’ last night on the UK’s X Factor. The single is out December 6 and you can check out the amazing performance right now here: Kylie was also interviewed on the show, watch that here.

Kylie on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Look who was the musical guest on the top rated US TV show ‘Dancing With The Stars’ on Tuesday night – the ever lovely Kylie Minogue performing her latest single ‘Get Out Of My Way’. Click on the image below to watch:

Behind the scenes of Kylie’s latest video

Play along with Kylie

Check out the great new Kylie game, inspired by her current international hit album ‘Aphrodite’, featuring voice overs and commentary from Ms Minogue herself! Click on the image below to go to the game:

Kylie announces 2011 European tour

Kylie has confirmed details of a series of live dates across Europe next year for ‘Aphrodite – Les Folies Tour 2011′ that promise to surpass her previous stunning live shows. Kylie, who has been working on concepts for the tour, says: “The reaction to ‘Aphrodite’ has been absolutely incredible and has inspired me and my [...]

Kylie’s new video for ‘Get Outta My Way’ premieres

Kylie‘s stunning video for her new single ‘Get Outta My Way’ has just premiered. Wait no longer and watch the visual feast here in wonderful High Definition: Fans in Germany should head over here to see the video and those in Sweden should go here. ‘Get Outta My Way’, which is taken from Kylie’s current [...]

Video sneak peek for Kylie’s “Get Outta My Way” + Hamptons with Rufus

UPDATE:  NY Post’s Page Six raved about Kylie’s performance on Saturday.  Check it out. Kylie Minogue is readying her next video for “Get Outta My Way” from her latest album “Aphrodite.” The video is directed by ALEXANDLIANE and features lasers and Kylie’s signature collection of extremely attractive people. You can catch a quick thirty second [...]