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KT Tunstall to perform at Sundance Film Festival

KT Tunstall has been confirmed to perform at this year’s Sundance Film Festival this weekend. The multi-platinum singer songwriter will play at the premiere party for ‘The Last Mountain’, a documentary on the devastating effects of mountaintop coal removal in West Virginia’s Coal River Valley and the response of residents and activists to the practice. [...]

Preview KT Tunstall’s new album ‘Tiger Suit’

KT Tunstall‘s amazing new album ‘Tiger Suit’ is released at the end of this month (October 5 in the US) but you can hear a preview of it right now. Simply tell some friends about the album and you can access the ‘Tiger Suit’ sneak preview. Go over to KT’s website for full details.

KT Tunstall: (Still a) Weirdo

KT Tunstall just returned from the hills of rural Tennessee where she filmed her latest video for the track “(Still a) Weirdo” from her upcoming album “Tiger Suit.”  On the track KT experiments with a little beatbox and looped vocals.  Check out this sun-drenched, summertime video here:

Shadows, weirdos, plus new words and music from KT Tunstall

Fans of KT Tunstall can start studying up on new tracks from the Scottish songstress’ upcoming album “Tiger Suit,” slated for September 27 release in the UK (October 5 in the US), thanks to two new track previews — complete with lyrics.   Check out words and music from “Fade Like a Shadow” and (Still a) weirdo below!    There might be a pop [...]

KT Tunstall on her new album, The Foo Fighters…

Ahead of the release of her new album ‘Tiger Suit’ at the end of September (October 5 in North America), KT Tunstall swung past the New York Post the other day for a quick chat with the paper’s Ryan Brockington. And this is how it went:

KT Tunstall Loves NY @ Live Gig

KT Tunstall wowed the crowd at NYC’s Hiro Ballroom this week with an intimate acoustic set as part of a promo tour for her upcoming album, “Tiger Suit,” out this fall (Sept. 27 in the UK and October 5 in the US).  After treating fans to new material like “Push that Knot Away” and soon-to-be-released [...]

New behind-the-scenes video and preview track from KT Tunstall

Some people forget their dreams when they wake up.  Not singer/songwriter KT Tunstall.  A very powerful dream is what inspired her new album, “Tiger Suit,” out this fall (Sept 20 in the UK, October 5 in the US).  This new collection of music, described by KT as “Nature Techno,’ feature collaborators including co-writers Martin Terefe, Linda [...]

KT Tunstall announces new album details

KT Tunstall sent a note to her fans today with exciting details about the release of her forthcoming album, ‘Tiger Suit’ (out in the UK on 20th September and in the US on 28th September).  Here’s an excerpt: Hope you’ve been enjoying life since I burrowed away into a creative little cave to concoct my [...]

KT Tunstall joins line-up for climate-focused Shift festival

KT Tunstall has been confirmed as one of the performers at the climate-focused Shift Festival at London’s South Bank Centre later this month. Organised by the Cape Farewell organisation, the gig takes place on Saturday January 30 and will see KT join Robyn Hitchcock, Graham Coxon and Kathryn Williams to celebrate the Cape Farwell-organised trip [...]