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New lyric video for Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’

Check out the great new lyric video for Katy Perry‘s track ‘Firework’ from her huge international smash hit album ‘Teenage Dream’:

Katy Perry duets with Elmo on Sesame Street

The delightful Katy Perry stopped by Sesame Street recently for a sweet duet about friendship with Elmo, reworking her massive hit single ‘Hot and Cold’. See it here:

Five MTV EMA nominations for Katy Perry

Congratulations to Katy Perry who has a leading five nominations for this year’s MTV EMAs. Katy has also been confirmed as a performer at the show which takes place in Madrid on November 7. Katy has been shortlisted for the Best Pop, Best Female, Best Song, Best World Stage Performance and Best Video categories. Her [...]

Katy Perry strolls down memory lane for brand new special MTV Hoods: Katy Perry

Everyone’s favourite ‘California Gurl’, Katy Perry, invites you on an intimate journey to her Californian hometown, Santa Barbara, for the new special show ‘MTV Hoods: Katy Perry’, which will premiere on MTV channels around the world on Sunday October 3. MTV’s cameras followed Katy as she revisted her early guitar days in her childhood home [...]

Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” is the No. 1 Album in the U.S.

POP SENSATION BREAKS RECORDS FOR MOST SINGLES SOLD PRE-STREET DATE TEENAGE DREAM RELEASED IN REST OF THE WORLD THIS WEEK September 1, 2010 — New York — Katy Perry has cemented her status as a best-selling pop superstar with her second studio album Teenage Dream, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums [...]

Behind-the-scenes with Katy Perry, artist Will Cotton, his original “Teenage Dream” painting and why that package smells so delicious

Katy Perry takes us all behind the scenes during the creation of her “Teenage Dream” cotton candy portrait, painted by acclaimed artist Will Cotton, who is known for his dream-like “candyscapes.” The album not only looks great, “Teenage Dream,” released in the US last week and in the rest of the world this week, sounds amazing [...]

A gorgeous Katy Perry mosaic of fans in hashtag art project

Katy Perry really shares the love with her fans!  First, she made sure her fans camping for her NBC “Today Show” appearance out had some comfy pillows and blankets.  Next, she and the “Today Show” got the twitterverse involved in a hashtag art project about Katy’s concert, which was broadcast live from Rockefeller Plaza in New York [...]

Katy Perry on The Today Show tomorrow

Katy Perry has been taking New York City by storm this week in celebration of the release of her sophomore album “Teenage Dream.”  The California Gurl was on CBS’s ”The Late Show with David Letterman” on Tuesday, and tomorrow she will treat fans to an early morning performance on NBC’s “Today Show ” as part of the Toyota [...]

Katy crashes high school dance, makes some teenage dreams come true in Oz

Some students at Melbourne High School got a huge surprise when pop super star Katy Perry ‘crashed’ their formal dance during a promo visit to Australia this week to promote her upcoming album, “Teenage Dream.”  Apparently, Ms. Perry has been a lot of places, but the starlet never had the chance to attend her own [...]

Behind-the-scenes video: Katy Perry and Mark Seliger/Rolling Stone cover shoot

Rolling Stone is taking readers behind the scenes for its sexy photo shoot with cover girl Katy Perry. Check out this video with photographer Mark Seliger and Ms. Perry.  No popsicles included, but it does involve watermelon.  Excerpts from the article – -yes, there is also an article! — is here. Katy also released the third single [...]