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FREE download and preview of FREE ENERGY!

Free Energy are one of the most buzzed-about bands who will soon descend upon Austin, TX for the famed SXSW indie music festival next week.   Check them out here and get a free download. The band has just released their highly anticipated debut album “Stuck On Nothing,” in digital form today.  The album was produced by James [...]


LCD SOUNDSYSTEM THIRD ALBUM OUT MAY 17th (UK) and 18th (US) ON DFA/VIRGIN Coachella, Sasquatch, Bonnaroo, Pitchfork U.S. Festival Dates Confirmed UK/Euro Headline Dates Continue To Sell Out LCD Soundsystem has confirmed May 17th (UK) and May 18 (U.S) as  release dates  of  its as yet untitled third album.  The record will be released  on  DFA/Virgin in [...]