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Hot Chip like you’ve never seen them before

Hot Chip’s previewing their new video for “I Feel Better” – you’ve never seen the band on stage quite like this before!

Hot Chip: inside their latest album

Combine home-made bits, a kitted out studio, more ‘real’ piano (Steinway!) and a sound they describe as more compact and cohesive (plus “long takes and “layers…lots of layers.”)  There you have it:  the broad strokes of a recipe for Hot Chip‘s latest album, “One Life Stand” according to a chat band members Joe Goddard and Al [...]

Looking forward into 2010

It’s a new year, a new decade, and critics and tastemakers are looking at the coming months and giving their tips on what to look out for in 2010 and lots of great EMI artists are among them. The Times in London list Hot Chip, Corinne Bailey Rae and Goldfrapp among others, while the BBC [...]

New Hot Chip Track!

Hot Chip are back!  And the folks at Pitchfork are featuring the band’s new track, “Take it In” from Hot Chip from their upcoming album, One Life Stand,” out in February.  Listen here.