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Hot City does their take on Hot Chip’s “We Have Love”

Electronic-rock group Hot Chip are revered for their remixes, but for their next project, they’re letting some of their friends twiddle the knobs on their own creations.  “We Have Remixes,” which is out digitally in the rest of the world now, and will be out in the US on September 7th, includes remixes of five [...]

Lollapalooza is underway, don’t miss these EMI bands

Lollapalooza started in Chicago’s Grant Park this afternoon.  If you are headed for the Windy City, you are in for an amazing weekend.  Be sure to catch highly-anticipated performances from  Empire of the Sun, Hot Chip, Cypress Hill and more.  Check out the full line-up of EMI artists below. The Constellations Friday Aug 6 1:00 [...]

Remix-o-rama widget from Hot Chip

This is cool!  Electro dance champions Hot Chip announced earlier they are releasing an EP of remixes in September. Rather than wait for the EP, you can play with those remixes right now via this widget from MXP4. Check out and purchase tons of remixes and video clips from their latest album “One Life Stand.”  Get [...]

Hot Chip announce We Have Remixes EP and US tour supporting LCD Soundsystem

Hot Chip have teamed up with some of the most inspirational producers around to create a new EP called ‘We Have Remixes’ which will be released on September 7, followed by a US tour supporting LCD Soundsystem. All four remixes on the EP are taken from Hot Chip’s fourth studio album ‘One Life Stand’ and [...]

See Gorillaz, Snoop Dogg, Tinie Tempah and Hot Chip’s Glastonbury performances

This year’s 40th anniversary Glastonbury Festival in the UK was a scorching success with perfect weather and an array of stunning live shows. See below for performances from Gorillaz, Snoop Dogg and Tinie Tempah and Hot Chip, and check out these pictures of Kylie‘s surprise appearance with Scissor Sisters.

New NPR Music App features live concerts, interviews, album previews and more from artists like Kylie, Norah, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Jason Moran and more

NPR Music has just launched a cool — and free — new iPhone and iPod Touch App. It includes lots of cool recent features, including with many EMI artists. The App will give you access to great live and studio music and interviews, such as a “First Listen” session for Blue Note Records’ Jason Moran [...]

EMI Music at Coachella

Photo by: Ryan Muir If you’re Coachella-bound this weekend, you’re in for an amazing line up that includes some highly-anticipated performances from EMI Music artists, including headliners such as LCD Soundsystem, deadmau5, David Guetta and Gorillaz (see schedule below). If you’re not headed to the Indio Polo fields this weekend, no problem. The EMI team [...]

In-stores, swag and vinyl in store at Record Store Day this weekend

This Saturday, music fans in many parts of the globe might find some extremely cool stuff in store for them:  it’s Record Store Day!  Limited edition vinyl, free stuff and in-store performances will be happening in 18 countries beginning Saturday at thousands of independent record stores. As reported earlier, in the UK, Parlophone’s getting into [...]

Exclusive UK vinyl releases for Record Store Day on April 17

Saturday April 17 is Record Store Day. Over a thousand independent record shops across 18 countries in four continents are taking place to highlight the contribution of indie stores to music. EMI is producing a series of special releases that will only be available through participating retailers. In the US EMI is releasing exclusive John [...]

Hot Chip “I Feel Better” video: Pitchfork’s Director’s Cut

Hot Chip‘s video boy band send up has become an internet favorite, and it was an Interwebs connection which made it possible.  The band sought out British actor/comedian and power Twitterer Peter Serafinowicz (aka @serafinowicz) to direct the video after following his career and humorous tweets (recent gem:  “I like Justin Bieber but prefer his early work.”).  Pitchfork’s “Director’s [...]