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Good Charlotte undercover

Good Charlotte wanted to get some genuine feedback from people on their new single ‘Sex On The Radio’. So there was only one thing for it, stupid disguises!

EMI Music Australia launches flood relief auction

As parts of Australia continue to suffer from major flooding, our colleagues in Australia are auctioning off all sorts of exclusive, signed and rare items from their vaults to raise money for the floods’ relief efforts. The items, which are currently open for bids on EMI Music Australia’s eBay page, include signed and other items [...]

Good Charlotte sign to Capitol/EMI

Multi-platinum rock sensations Good Charlotte announced today that they have joined the EMI family, signing to Capitol Records. Their highly-anticipated fifth full-length album “Cardiology” will be out in the US in late October, almost exactly 10 years after their self-titled debut established the band as one of the most exciting bands of the new century. Originally [...]

Good Charlotte sign to Capitol Records

Highly Anticipated Fifth Studio Album “Cardiology” To Be Released October 26, 2010 (New York, NY – July 22, 2010) Rock sensations Good Charlotte are proud to announce that they have signed to Capitol Records and will be releasing their highly anticipated fifth full-length album Cardiology on October 26, 2010, almost exactly 10 years after their [...]