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Luke Bryan & Emily West Release Celebrity Apprentice Performance Tracks on iTunes

Capitol Nashville’s LUKE BRYAN and EMILY WEST appeared on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice in the US on Sunday night.  This week, the celebs, who are competing on the Donald Trump-hosted show to win assignments to raise money for their respective charities, had a Nashville-themed challenge.  The assignment:  create and execute a makeover of up-and-coming Capitol Nashville [...]

Capitol Nashville’s Luke Bryan and Emily West Appear on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” Sun. April 18

Donald Trump is enlisting Capitol Nashville up-and-coming stars Luke Bryan and Emily West for this week’s episode of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” in the US. This season’s celeb contestants — who are competing for their favorite charities — include a few who are no strangers to the music biz, including artist manager and TV star Sharon Osbourne, [...]