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Alan Jackson premieres Long Way To Go video

Country music superstar Alan Jackson has premiered his brand new video. ‘Long Way To Go’ is the first single from Jackson’s upcoming new album and the debut from the joint venture between EMI Records Nashville and ACR (Alan’s Country Records) which was unveiled earlier this year. The video was shot at the Square Grouper bar [...]

Alan Jackson teams up with EMI Records Nashville

One of the most successful singer-songwriters in music, country superstar Alan Jackson has teamed up with Capitol Records Nashville President/CEO Mike Dungan for the next chapter in Jackson’s prolific career. Jackson’s new music will be released as a joint venture between ACR (Alan’s Country Records) and Capitol/EMI Records Nashville. Jackson, who is heading into the [...]

Hi Nashville! New EMI Records Nashville hits town with artist Troy Olsen

We’ve started a new home for artists and music in Nashville!  In addition to Capitol Nashville, named imprint of the year by Billboard and label of the year by Country Radio Seminar this month, EMI is launching EMI Records Nashville. Arizona-born singer/songwriter Troy Olsen is the label’s first artist, and his debut album is slated [...]