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How Eli became the “Paperboy” on NPR

To celebrate the release of his latest album in the US, Eli “Paperboy” Reed talked to NPR’s Weekend Edition about his nickname (started when he was a Massachussetts high school student, and stuck), his improbable stint playing juke joints in Mississippi and how legends ranging from Sam Cooke and Ray Charles helped inform his own [...]

Eli “Paperboy” Reed on songs, singing and soul

After his album release in the UK earlier this year, Eli “Paperboy” Reed‘s album “Come and Get It” will bow in the US on August 10.  He took some time during a recent tour to answer some questions about his nickname, his voice and his soulful ambitions. You can take a look here:

Eli “Paperboy” Reed gets acoustic

US soul singer Eli “Paperboy” Reed‘s new album ‘Come And Get It’ hits the UK this week following its recent release in Europe. Currently in the middle of a UK tour, Eli has recorded this great cover version of Alicia Keys’ ‘No One’ at London’s legendary 100 Club venue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUwZDriiXwk. Also check out this acoustic [...]

Eli “Paperboy” Reed – new video, tour dates, and free download

US soul sensation Eli “Paperboy” Reed has just released the video for his new single, ‘Come And Get It’, the title track of his new album. A blast of soulful exuberance, the song harks back to the classic sounds of 60s Motown and Stax. Watch the video here: Eli is currently touring across Europe. He [...]

Eli “Paperboy” Reed sets Aug date for US debut album

Brooklyn-based soul singer Eli “Paperboy” Reed will make his major label debut with the August 10 release of Come And Get It on Capitol Records in the U.S. The album, an irrepressible, largely self-penned, 12-song set produced by Mike Elizondo, will be released May 10 on EMI’s Parlophone label in the U.K. where Reed is [...]

Come and get it: free download from Eli “Paperboy” Reed

Come and Get It!  The buzz on Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed is getting louder!  Hear what all the fuss is about by getting a free download of his track “Explosions” from his debut on Parlophone Records, “Come and Get It,” coming May 10 in the UK (April in other territories and August in the US). Check [...]

Eli “Paperboy” Reed confirms album release for May

US soul sensation Eli “Paperboy” Reed has announced that his brand new album, ‘Come And Get It’ will be released in the UK by Parlophone Records on May 10. With two independently released albums already under his belt, ‘Come And Get It’ is Reed’s major-label debut. For a taster of the new album, here’s Reed [...]

Come and Get Eli “Paperboy” Reed

US soul sensation and new EMI signing Eli “Paperboy” Reed has announced the UK release of his brand new album – ‘Come And Get It’, on Parlophone Records on April 5 next year. Reed released two albums and a nomination for Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the 2009 Mojo Awards before signing to EMI’s [...]