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ACL Festival Line-up to include LCD Soundsystem, Norah Jones, Deadmau5 and Amos Lee

The line-up for the 9th Austin City Limits Festival, October 8-9, 2010 in Austin, TX  is out and included among the 130 musicians playing are headliners LCD Soundsystem and Norah Jones, as well as Deadmau5 and Amos Lee. Full list of  EMI artists at this year’s ACL: LCD Soundsystem  (Capitol/DFA)  Norah Jones  (Blue Note)  Deadmau5  (Parlophone, UK) Yeasayer (Mute, UK) Amos Lee  (Blue [...]

EMI Music at Coachella

Photo by: Ryan Muir If you’re Coachella-bound this weekend, you’re in for an amazing line up that includes some highly-anticipated performances from EMI Music artists, including headliners such as LCD Soundsystem, deadmau5, David Guetta and Gorillaz (see schedule below). If you’re not headed to the Indio Polo fields this weekend, no problem. The EMI team [...]

David Guetta, deadmau5 triumph at the International Dance Music Awards

Congratulations to deadmau5 and David Guetta who both had multiple wins at this year’s International Dance Music Awards in Miami last week. Deadmau5, seen here at the winners podium, won Best Electro Track, Best American DJ and Best Solo Artist. David Guetta meanwhile picked up the Best Progressive/Tech House Track, Best Pop Dance Track, Best [...]

EMI Music Canada Nabs Multiple Juno Award Nominations

EMI Music Canada and its associated labels had a strong showing in nominations for the upcoming JUNO Awards, Canada’s highest musical honor, to be held Sunday, April 18th. In addition, EMI Music’s recent signing, Johnny Reid, is up for an impressive four awards (from a project prior to his EMI relationship) and is already confirmed to perform on the [...]