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In-stores, swag and vinyl in store at Record Store Day this weekend

This Saturday, music fans in many parts of the globe might find some extremely cool stuff in store for them:  it’s Record Store Day!  Limited edition vinyl, free stuff and in-store performances will be happening in 18 countries beginning Saturday at thousands of independent record stores. As reported earlier, in the UK, Parlophone’s getting into [...]

MTV on why David Guetta is ushering a new era of dance

Right on the heels of the biggest convergence of Dance Music in the world  – Winter Music Conference — on Miami’s South Beach, the artist/producer/DJ whose names were on everyones lips:  David Guetta. If you haven’t already caught the Guetta fever, check out this MTV piece on why he’s become one of the hottest collaborators, producers [...]

David Guetta, deadmau5 triumph at the International Dance Music Awards

Congratulations to deadmau5 and David Guetta who both had multiple wins at this year’s International Dance Music Awards in Miami last week. Deadmau5, seen here at the winners podium, won Best Electro Track, Best American DJ and Best Solo Artist. David Guetta meanwhile picked up the Best Progressive/Tech House Track, Best Pop Dance Track, Best [...]

David Guetta to premiere new single and party anthem “Gettin’ Over You” with Chris Willis featuring Fergie and LMFAO during Winter Music Conference

Grammy Award winning DJ/Producer David Guetta will premiere his latest single “Gettin’ Over You” with Chris Willis featuring Fergie and LMFAO live this Friday during his set At Ultra at Winter Music Conference with a special live performance with Chris Willis and LMFAO.   The new single is an updated production of the album track “Gettin’ Over” [...]

Red-hot songwriter-producer duo NERVO join Astralwerks/Virgin, launch label

The hot songwriter/production duo NERVO — Aussie sisters Liv and Mim Nervo —  are joining Astralwerks and Virgin Records (more details here).  The hit-making twins will release their own music as artists for the first time ever.  They’ll also sign talent to their new imprint Nervo Records. Nervo has already chalked up impressive credits, including co-writing with newly minted pop star [...]

David Guetta feat Kid Cudi – new video for ‘Memories’

Beatles, Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban and David Guetta lead EMI’s Grammy wins

It was of course the biggest date in the American music calendar last night, the 52nd Grammy Awards, and winning EMI artists included The Beatles, Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, David Guetta, and Heather Headley and there were also wins for two of our classical releases and our ‘Oh Happy Day’ Gospel album, so congratulations to [...]

Robbie Williams and David Guetta win at NRJ Awards in France

Congratulations to Robbie Williams and David Guetta for their success at the NRJ Awards in Cannes over the weekend. One of the biggest nights in the French music calendar, Robbie won the best international male award and was also presented with an award to mark his remarkable career sales to date of 55 million albums. [...]

56 Grammy nominations for EMI Music artists

Congratulations to all of EMI Music’s artists who have been nominated for the upcoming Grammy Awards which will be presented in LA on January 31 2010. David Guetta (who you can see below with Estelle who sings the title track on his current global hit album ‘One Love’) has five Grammy nods and electrified the [...]

What are David Guetta and Estelle up to now?

Find out here! http://www.youtube.com/davidguetta