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Danger Mouse and James Mercer’s acoustic version of “Insane Lullaby”

Danger Mouse and Broken Bells bandmate James Mercer recently filmed this insanely good acoustic performance of “Insane Lullaby.”  The track, on which Mercer collaborates with Danger Mouse and the late Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse),  is from the gorgeous album Dark Night of the Soul, being released next week (July 12 UK/Rest of the world, July 13 in [...]

Release of Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse’s “Dark Night of the Soul” commemorated with IFC.com trailer and Morrison Hotel photo exhibit

Next week’s release of Dark Night Of The Soul, the acclaimed album by Danger Mouse and the dearly departed Sparklehorse, will be commemorated by an exhibit of photography created for the project by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker and DNOTS contributor David Lynch. The exhibit, opening July 13 at the Morrison Hotel Gallery at Bowery and Bleecker in [...]

Discover Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse’s ‘Dark Night of the Soul’

A great new website has been launched for ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’, a unique music and art project instigated and helmed by Danger Mouse featuring Sparklehorse and a host of guest vocalists plus a collection of original photography by David Lynch. The site allows visitors to navigate a mysterious online environment constructed around haunting [...]

‘Dark Night Of The Soul’ from Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse confirmed for July

We’re very pleased to be able to confirm the release in July of ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’, an album by audio auteur Danger Mouse and the already much-missed Sparklehorse. For this project the duo were joined by a very impressive list of collaborators: The Flaming Lips, Gruff Rhys, Jason Lytle, Julian Casablancas, Black Francis, [...]

In-stores, swag and vinyl in store at Record Store Day this weekend

This Saturday, music fans in many parts of the globe might find some extremely cool stuff in store for them:  it’s Record Store Day!  Limited edition vinyl, free stuff and in-store performances will be happening in 18 countries beginning Saturday at thousands of independent record stores. As reported earlier, in the UK, Parlophone’s getting into [...]

Exclusive UK vinyl releases for Record Store Day on April 17

Saturday April 17 is Record Store Day. Over a thousand independent record shops across 18 countries in four continents are taking place to highlight the contribution of indie stores to music. EMI is producing a series of special releases that will only be available through participating retailers. In the US EMI is releasing exclusive John [...]