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Lollapalooza is underway, don’t miss these EMI bands

Lollapalooza started in Chicago’s Grant Park this afternoon.  If you are headed for the Windy City, you are in for an amazing weekend.  Be sure to catch highly-anticipated performances from  Empire of the Sun, Hot Chip, Cypress Hill and more.  Check out the full line-up of EMI artists below. The Constellations Friday Aug 6 1:00 [...]

Cypress Hill “Rise Up” in the new “Green Hornet” trailer

Cypress Hill‘s anthemic title track, “Rise Up,” from their latest album on Priority Records, is the soundbed for the trailer that was launched today to promote Michel Gondry’s much anticipated film, “The Green Hornet.”  The trailer for the film, starring Seth Rogen and due out January 2011, hits theaters, TV and online across the US today.  Check [...]

Cypress Hill – new single ‘Armada Latina’ feat. Pitbull and Marc Antony

Cypress Hill have confirmed the release of their brand new single, ‘Armada Latina’, on June 14. Taken from their new album ‘Rise Up’, the song is a summery pop song based around a sample from Crosby, Stills & Nash’s ‘Suite Judy Blue Eyes’. The track features US superstar Marc Antony and Cuban American rapper Pitbull. [...]

Cypress Hill announce new live dates

As we count down the few remaining days to the release of the new Cypress Hill album ‘Rise Up’ on April 19 (April 20 in North America) the band have announced a string of live dates in North America and Europe. Starting tomorrow, April 10, in Philadelphia the band will stage a number of special [...]

Cypress Hill release full ‘Rise Up’ video

As promised, after last week’s sneak preview Cypress Hill have today released the full video to their new single ‘Rise Up’ featuring Tom Morello. And here it is: Their new album, also called ‘Rise Up’, is out April 20.

Cypress Hill ‘Rise Up’

The brand new Cypress Hill video, ‘Rise Up’ featuring Tom Morello premieres March 29, but in the meantime here’s a sneak preview: The band’s new album ‘Rise Up’ is out April 20.

Cypress Hill confirm artwork and album details

Cypress Hill have released the artwork and more details on their new album, ‘Rise Up’, which will be released on April 6 through Priority/EMI. Guests on the album include Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine/Street Sweeper Social Club, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, System of a Down’s Daron Malakian, Marc Anthony, Pitbull, Everlast, Young De, [...]

Cypress Hill – new video ‘It Ain’t Nothin”

Cypress Hill sign with EMI’s Priority Records

We're delighted to welcome legendary hip-hop/rock group Cypress Hill to Priority Records. The first signing to the label by Priority's new Creative Chairman Snoop Dogg, the band will release their first new studio album in six years, 'Rise Up' on April 6. The first single from the album is its title track which features Rage [...]