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Four out of five of Shazam’s UK pre-release tag chart are EMI singles

Check out the Shazam pre-release tag chart for UK singles: http://www.shazamers.com/shazam-pre-release-chart-uk/ – four of the top five are upcoming EMI releases: Tinie Tempah, Gramophonedzie, Chiddy Bang and Naughty Boy presents Wiley Feat Emeli Sande. Looks like we’re not the only ones who can’t wait!

Chiddy Bang – new video from the kings of the basement party jam

Described by some bloggers as a ‘hipsters wet dream’, themselves preferring ‘kings of the basement party jam’, new EMI signing Chiddy Bang release their debut single ‘Opposite of Adults’ next month, and the videofor this former Radio 1 record of the week is now out. Sampling MGMT’s ‘Kids’ (they all went to the same school), [...]