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Celtic Woman TV Special receives Emmy® nomination

Celtic Woman and their Musical Director David Downes have been honored with an Emmy® Nomination for “Outstanding Music Direction” of the recent PBS TV special, “Songs From The Heart, Live at Powerscourt House & Gardens.” “Manhattan Records are extremely proud of the always stellar performances delivered by Celtic Woman as well as the tremendous effort [...]

Celtic Woman and Internet Sensations PS22 Choir from NYC Rehearse for Radio City

Celtic Woman, preparing for their date at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall, headed to Staten Island to pay a visit to another group of stars:  the choir from Public School 22, whose online videos have garnered an audience of more than 15 million.  The talented kids, who’ve performed on MTV, on ABC Nightline and even [...]

EMI albums take 4 of the US top 10

A brilliant result for our artists this week in the US where we have four albums in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 chart, for the first time in nearly 12 years. Landing at number one is Lady Antebellum’s second album ‘Need You Now’ which a massive first week sales tally of 481,000, the [...]