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Cali Swag District ready new single

The boys of Cali Swag District – who are teaching the world how to Dougie – are releasing their next single, “Where You Are,” which features a sample of a young, Jackson 5-era Michael Jackson on vocals.  Take a listen below via their brand new lyric video:

ESPN Proclaims 2010 as “the Year of The Dougie”

The boys of the Cali Swag District are doing The Dougie in the end zone, as ESPN has officially declared 2010 the “Year of the Dougie.”  This red hot dance has become a favorite move for gridiron heroes, who have been been breaking out their versions of The Dougie to celebrate touchdowns across America’s National Football League.  [...]

Cali Swag District will Teach You How to Dougie

Capitol Records’ teen urban sensations, Cali Swag District, have been bringing their signature “swagger” to crowded dancefloors all over the US with their infectious single “Teach Me How to Dougie.”  Now you too can “do the Dougie” with a step-by-step tutorial from CSD’s resident dancer M-Bone in this instructional cartoon strip. Teach Me How to [...]