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Blue Note’s new iPad app adds hundres of extra tracks, additional features

The stunning new iPad app from Blue Note Records has added a host of new artists, content and features to enhance the discovery and enjoyment of what is one of the greatest collections of music in jazz history. The latest enhancement includes hundreds of new tracks from seminal artists including Art Blakey, Big John Patton, [...]

Blue Note Records launches beautiful new app for iPad

Blue Note Records has today launched a brand new app for iPad in the US and the UK that is the ultimate digital box-set for both jazz aficionados and newcomers alike. The app, which has been developed by Groovebug, offers a rich and immersive way of discovering and enjoying classic jazz recordings from the legendary [...]

Blue Note Records launches innovative new app on Spotify

EMI Music’s legendary Blue Note Records has today launched a great new app on Spotify creating space in the music streaming service to explore and discover music spanning the entire history of the label from 1939 to the present. The app can be downloaded here: http://open.spotify.com/app/bluenote. The app allows listeners to discover classic recordings by [...]

Van Morrison returns to Blue Note Records

We’re delighted to announce that the legendary Van Morrison is returning to Blue Note Records for a new studio album ‘Born To Sing: No Plan B’ which will be released on October 2. Morrison previously released the Grammy-nominated ‘What’s Wrong With This Picture’ on Blue Note in 2003. Van says: “With most record companies being [...]

EMI and The Echo Nest team up for OpenEMI app innovation

We’re very pleased to announce today a new partnership with The Echo Nest as part of our OpenEMI initiative that puts thousands of amazing songs and other content such as videos and photos in the hands of more than 10,000 application developers around the world. This is the most extensive collection of licensed music and [...]

Amos Lee scores his first number one with’Mission Bell’

Great news out of the US today where Amos Lee‘s new album, ‘Mission Bell’, has debuted at the top of the American album chart. ‘Mission Bell’ is the fourth album from the Blue Note Records artist and this number one on the Billboard 200 is the best chart result of his career. ‘Mission Bell’ has [...]

Norah Jones on her new album, writing with Herbie Hancock

On November 15 (16 in the US) Norah Jones releases ‘…Featuring’ through Blue Note Records, a collection of her musical collaborations over the last decade with everyone from Ray Charles and Dolly Parton to the Foo Fighters and OutKast. Click on the image below to watch Norah talk about working with the legendary Herbie Hancock [...]

Blue Note Records to Release “…Featuring ” on Nov. 2, A Star-Studded Collection of Norah Jones’s Musical Collaborations

On November 2, EMI’s Blue Note Records will release “…Featuring,” a star-studded collection of the multi-platinum selling, multi-Grammy Award winning singer Norah Jones’s musical collaborations from the past decade. The 18 songs on the album include duets with such legends as Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, and Dolly Parton, and with 21st Century icons from OutKast [...]

Blue Note Records signs Ravi Coltrane

EMI’s Blue Note Records is proud to announce the signing of saxophonist, composer, and bandleader Ravi Coltrane. Coltrane will be entering the studio in December to record his debut as a leader for the label, which is due to be released in Spring 2011. Coltrane has previously recorded for the label as a member of [...]

Ravi Coltrane Joins Blue Note

The latest artist to sign to EMI’s Blue Note Records is saxophonist, composer, and bandleader Ravi Coltrane.  Coltrane will be entering the studio in December to record his debut as a leader for the label, which is due to be released in Spring 2011.  (The artists’ father John Coltrane made his landmark 1957 album Blue Train [...]