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Video premiere: Belinda “Egoista” featuring Pitbull

Catch the new video premiere “Egoista,” the hot single off Belinda‘s latest album, “Carpe Diem.” (Capitol Latin).  The clip and single features Cuban rapper Pitpull and a lot of fashion eye candy.

EMI artists offer support for Chilean earthquake relief effort

On February 27 Chile was impacted by a severe earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter Scale. On March 27, Chilean singer-songwriter Alberto Plaza was joined by 27 artists from EMI and other labels from across Latin America and Spain to record a new version of his classic song ‘Que cande la vida’. The song, a [...]

EMI Music artists from five continents ‘Answer The Call’ for Haiti

More than 50 recording artists from EMI Music around the world have teamed up with the Red Cross to help drive support and awareness of relief efforts in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes in Haiti. The campaign, called ‘Answer The Call’, features audio and images from musical artists encouraging fans to take action by [...]