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Bastille: new single ‘Laura Palmer’ and ‘Bad Blood’ Vinyl LP out June 3rd

Bastille have announced that their new single ‘Laura Palmer’ will be released on June 3. Taken from their chart-topping debut album ‘Bad Blood’, ‘Laura Palmer’ is the follow up to the number two chart smash, ‘Pompeii’, one of the UK’s biggest selling singles of the year. Influenced by David Lynch’s seminal TV Series ‘Twin Peaks’, [...]

Bastille’s debut album ‘Bad Blood’ charts at number one

Congratulations to Bastille for clinching the UK Official Albums Chart Number 1 with debut album ‘Bad Blood’, including the highest digital share sales for a week one number one album of all time! The band’s new single, Pompeii stormed in to the UK top 40 singles chart last week charting at number 3 and holds [...]

Bastille confirm March release date for debut album ‘Bad Blood’

For someone yet to release his first album, Dan Smith, the creative force behind Bastille, has already had a good taste of fame: with the band he’s sold out London’s 1,500 capacity KOKO, sold out two UK tours and headline festivals. More sold out UK tour kicks off next month and now Smith is ready [...]

Overjoyed Bastille release debut Virgin single

We’re very excited to confirm the release of ‘Overjoyed’, the debut Virgin Records single from Bastille, the musical guise of the incredibly talented singer, songwriter and producer Dan Smith. Bastille is Dan’s vehicle for his different musical worlds, full of songs with danceable rhythms and beautiful soaring vocals wrapped in harmonies and bleeps. He is [...]

Virgin Records welcomes new signings Bastille and Eric Prydz

We’re so pleased to welcome two amazing artists to Virgin Records – Bastille and Eric Prydz. Bastille are a London-based band led by singer-songwriter Dan Smith who released their debut single ‘Flaws’/’Icarus’ earlier this year and spent the summer playing to fans at festivals around the UK including Glastonbury, Isle of Wight and Blissfield. They [...]