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Abbey Road Studios’ Anthem Competition winners

Back in March EMI’s world famous Abbey Road Studios launched a worldwide search for original, unsigned and undiscovered composers to celebrate the studios’ 80th anniversary. Out of almost 1000 entries received eight winners were selected by the judges to be recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra under the guidance of renowned composer Eric Whitacre in [...]

New Abbey Road Studios Music Trivia Game

Calling all music quiz brainiacs! Abbey Road today announced the arrival of a brand new, unique board game based on the world famous studios. The game is a mix of music trivia, missing song lyrics and guessing the song or artist. The board features wonderful photographs from the famous studios, with special limited edition graphics [...]

Abbey Road Live to record Peter Frampton’s 35th anniversary tour ‘Frampton Comes Alive!’

Rock icon Peter Frampton has partnered with EMI’s Abbey Road Live unit to record his forthcoming global 35th anniversary tour of ‘Frampton Comes Alive!’. The tie-up means that fans attending the concerts will be able to purchase high quality CDs featuring that night’s performance immediately after the gig. The sets now available to pre-order online [...]

Abbey Road Studios launch worldwide anthem competition

EMI’s world famous Abbey Road Studios has today launched a new global competition to find original, unsigned and undiscovered composers to celebrate the Studios’ 80th anniversary this year. Composers of all ages are open to submit an original anthem that hasn’t previously been published or recorded for commercial use and the winning anthems will be [...]

Abbey Road wins Studio of the Year

Great news for our colleagues at Abbey Road – last night they won the Best Studio of the Year Award at this year’s Music Week Awards in London. Congratulations!