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Conor Maynard battling for number one

Nineteen-year-old pop wünderkind Conor Maynard is currently battling it out for the number one spot in the UK charts with his debut single ‘Can’t Say No’ according to the Official Charts Company who track these things.Conor_MaynardThe latest OCC figures show that Conor is a mere 6,000 sales behind the current number one. The new chart will be unveiled this Sunday afternoon.

Conor, who is currently on his very first UK headline tour (see the dates here), will release his debut album through Parlophone in the summer.

Norah Jones unveils Happy Pills video

Norah Jones has just released the new video for ‘Happy Pills’, the lead single from her forthcoming Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) produced album ‘Little Broken Hearts’.


The stylish and mesmerizing video for the track was directed by Isaiah Seret and sees the nine-time Grammy award winner kill her lover and push his car into a lake. Watch it now below.

‘Little Broken Hearts’, Norah’s fifth studio album, is released April 30/May 1 (US).

Mel B returns to music

Mel B – welcome back to EMI! Part of music history and a pop culture icon, Mel B has seen sales of over 80 million albums and number one singles and albums around the world both as a successful solo artist and part of Spice Girls after first signing with EMI’s Virgin Records back in 1994.

Now we’re delighted to confirm that Mel B has signed a new exclusive global partnership with EMI Music Australia. She currently recording new material which is due for release later this year, and had this to say about our new tie-up: “I’m overly excited to finally announce this amazing global partnership deal back home with EMI Music. I know I have mentioned doing music in the past but for legal reasons I was not in a position to release any new music.  For my fans, I am happy and proud to say my music WILL be heard this year and that is for sure a promise I’m over the moon to say the least.  Love me or hate me, scary spice is back, hahahaha!!!”

Stay tuned!

The Smashing Pumpkins to release new studio album ‘Oceania’ release on June 18

Exciting news for all Smashing Pumpkins fans, the band will release their latest studio album ‘Oceania’ on June 18 via EMI Label Services and frontman Billy Corgan’s own label Martha’s Music.


‘Oceania’ is the band’s seventh record and is described as an ‘album within an album’ that forms part of their 44-song work-in-progress ‘Teargarden By Kaleidyscope’.  Throughout the course of their career, The Smashing Pumpkins have created some of the most iconic records of a generation including ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’, ‘Siamese Dream’ and ‘Gish’ and they’ve also picked up a couple of Grammy Awards on along the way.

Watch the band talk about ‘Oceania’ in this short interview


Now that’s a beautiful Spotify app

The new Now! app has landed on Spotify in the UK and Europe allowing Spotify users to create, share and discover the best chart music with one of the biggest ever music brands – Now! That’s What I Call Music.


The app that has a playlist for every mood, from Monday morning blues to that Friday feeling plus picks and recommendations from our very own EMI staff. The app enables the creation and sharing of playlists with the Now! Playlist wheel.


…And when you log in with Facebook the app will show you a Now! album from the year you were born as well as much more. Check it out on Spotify Now!

Katy Perry’s stunning new video ‘Part Of Me’ premieres worldwide

Katy Perry’s epic new video for ‘Part Of Me’ premiered globally last night (Wed March 21) following a 30-minute ‘MTV First: Katy Perry’ exclusive sit down interview.


The ‘Part Of Me’ video was shot in February in Newhall, California and at Camp Pendleton Marine Base near San Diego with the full cooperation of the US Department of Defense. Katy performed her own stunts and all the military personnel portrayed in the clip are real US Marines.

‘Part Of Me’ entered the Billboard Hot 100 Chart at number one in the US and is one of the new singles from ‘Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection’ which is out next week.

The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ feature film restored for May release on DVD and Blu-ray; film’s songtrack album to be reissued

The Beatles’ classic 1968 animated feature film, ‘Yellow Submarine’, has been digitally restored for DVD and Blu-ray release on May 28 (May 29 in North America).  The film’s songtrack album will be reissued on CD on the same date.


Currently out of print, the film has been restored in 4K digital resolution for the first time by Paul Rutan Jr. and his team of specialists at Triage Motion Picture Services and Eque Inc.  Due to the delicate nature of the hand-drawn original artwork, no automated software was used in the digital clean-up of the film’s restored photochemical elements.  This was all done by hand, frame by frame.

Bonus features for the ‘Yellow Submarine’ DVD and Blu-ray include a short making-of documentary titled ‘Mod Odyssey’ (TRT: 7:30), the film’s original theatrical trailer, audio commentary by producer John Coates and art director Heinz Edelmann, several brief interview clips with others involved with the film, storyboard sequences, 29 original pencil drawings and 30 behind-the-scenes photos.  Both Digipak packages will include reproductions of animation cels from the film, collectible stickers, and a 16-page booklet with a new essay by ‘Yellow Submarine’ aficionado John Lasseter (Chief Creative Officer, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios).

Lasseter writes in his essay, “As a fan of animation and as a filmmaker, I tip my hat to the artists of ‘Yellow Submarine’, whose revolutionary work helped pave the way for the fantastically diverse world of animation that we all enjoy today.”

Directed by George Dunning, and written by Lee Minoff, Al Brodax, Jack Mendelsohn and Erich Segal, ‘Yellow Submarine’ began its voyage to the screen when Brodax, who had previously produced nearly 40 episodes of ABC’s animated Beatles TV series, approached The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein with a unique vision for a full-length animated feature.

‘Yellow Submarine’, based upon a song by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, is a fantastic tale brimming with peace, love, and hope, propelled by Beatles songs, including ‘Eleanor Rigby,’ ‘When I’m Sixty-Four,’ ‘Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,’ ‘All You Need Is Love,’ and ‘It’s All Too Much.’  When the film debuted in 1968, it was instantly recognised as a landmark achievement, revolutionising a genre by integrating the freestyle approach of the era with innovative animation techniques.

Inspired by the generation’s new trends in art, the film resides with the dazzling Pop Art styles of Andy Warhol, Martin Sharp, Alan Aldridge and Peter Blake. With art direction and production design by Heinz Edelmann, Yellow Submarine is a classic of animated cinema, featuring the creative work of animation directors Robert Balser and Jack Stokes with a team of animators and technical artists.

“I thought from the very beginning that the film should be a series of interconnected shorts” remembers Edelmann.  “The style should vary every five minutes or so to keep the interest going until the end.”  These styles included melding live-action photography with animation, 3-dimensional sequences and kaleidoscopic “rotoscoping” where film is traced frame by frame into drawings.  The entire process took nearly two years, 14 different scripts, 40 animators and 140 technical artists, ultimately producing a groundbreaking triumph of animation.

On April 24, Candlewick Press will release a new, compact hardcover edition of the ‘Yellow Submarine’ picture book, a read-aloud journey for the whole family.  Featuring the lighthearted wit of the film’s script alongside original artwork from the movie that has charmed children and adults through several generations, the beautiful, 40-page book will be sold by retailers everywhere and on the Beatles Store (www.thebeatles.com).  An interactive digital version of the book is also available as a free download on Apple’s iBookstore for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch at www.iTunes.com/TheBeatles.

Iron Maiden release teaser for ‘Behind The Beast’ documentary; confirm North American dates this summer

Calling all Maiden fans! Ahead of the release of the new Iron Maiden live DVD/Blu-Ray and double album ‘En Vivo!’ next week, everyone’s favourite heavy rockers have released a trailer for their upcoming ‘Behind The Beast’ documentary trailer and confirmed a series of live dates in the US and Canada this summer.


‘En Vivo!’ was filmed on April 10 2011 in front of over 50,000 ecstatic fans at the Estadio Nacional Santiago in Chile. DVD Disc Two is a bonus disc containing an 88-minute documentary, ‘Behind The Beast’, which reveals the extraordinary story of one of the most acclaimed and ambitious touring shows in the world. Watch the trailer here:

And following their massively successful ‘Final Frontier World Tour 2010-2011′ Iron Maiden will be back on the road this summer with a series of Arena, Ampitheatre and Festival shows in North America starting in Charlotte North Carolina on June 21 and finishing in Houston Texas on August 18. Alice Cooper will be very special guest on all shows to July 21 and inspirational New Yorkers Coheed and Cambria on all shows after July 21. Full details of all dates, which include a number of cities the band have not played in a very long time, are on www.ironmaiden.com.

Here’s a taster of what to expect:

Katy Perry – Part Of Me video trailer


Check out the trailer to the great new video from the lovely Katy Perry: ‘Part Of Me’.  The track is from ‘Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection’ which is out March 26/27.

Damon Albarn to release new Dr Dee album in May

Damon Albarn has confirmed the release of a brand new studio album, ‘Dr Dee‘, which will be released by Parlophone/EMI on May 7 2012.


‘Dr Dee’ is 18 tracks of songs and music inspired by the life of John Dee, mathematician, polymath and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. Described by Albarn as ‘strange pastoral folk’, Dr Dee combines Damon’s voice with early English choral and instrumentation alongside modern, West African and Rensaissance sounds.

The album was recorded last year in London and Salford with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and mixed by Valgeir Sigursson in Rejkjavik.

Damon Albarn will perform songs from the ‘Dr Dee’ album at OneFest in the UK on April 14. More details are on the OneFest website.