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OpenEMI Music Tech Internship

Love music? Love hacking and creating stuff? We have an entry-level opportunity for a budding tech entrepreneur like yourself.

The internship, sitting within our small and flexible Digital Team, will make you a critical element of the OpenEMI initiative as well as other digital projects.

You will be tasked with developing apps, acting as developer evangelist at music tech events and hack days, pitching your music app ideas to label and artist management, troubleshooting and improving our existing API platform, performing administrative tasks for external app developers, managing and delivering music content to our partner (The Echo Nest)… and a ton of other tasks that will provide you direct access to the biggest players in the music tech world. The varied nature of the work means that – like our team – you’ll need a startup mentality and be quick to learn. You will be expected to work on specific projects, but given free rein to develop your own ideas and the opportunity to realise them.

Salary for the 6 month period will be £6,500 for full time work Monday to Friday, starting in January 2013. The role will be based in High St Kensington in London, but you may be required to travel (expenses covered) for tech events.

Skills & Requirements
We understand that every developer has a different field of expertise, so we’re interested in what you can offer and would like to see examples of your previous music tech projects. You will need to demonstrate knowledge of music APIs and have sufficient attention to detail to test and suggest improvements on existing API services. Strong organisational and data management skills are a must. Most importantly, you will be working in a committed music environment, so music and tech should be your primary passions.

How to apply
Send your CV plus examples of your app or web projects to openemi@emimusic.com.

Note: for all other internships unrelated to OpenEMI, please visit EMI UK Internships as we will not respond to unrelated enquiries.

About EMI Music
EMI Music is one of the world’s leading music companies, home to some of the most successful and best known recording artists. As part of the OpenEMI initiative, we have partnered with The Echo Nest to bring developers a unique opportunity to work with content from some of these artists. The intent is to provide the developer community with resources and services to create new and innovative applications.