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Tunaspot launches “Spotify App of the Week” and teams up with EMI Music Nordic for exclusive playlists

Tunaspot, the latest made-in-Sweden music start-up which allows fans to discover and share playlists based around their location, has today launched it’s Spotify App in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. For the launch Tunaspot teams up with EMI Music Nordic for exclusive playlists in major cities and with Swedish headphone designer – The Urbaneers for a ” 2012 Summer Festival Playlist” competition.

Tunaspot allows its users to share and find unique playlists – their Tunas – at any given geographical location, be it the local coffee shop, a large sports arena or a massive festival site. No matter if it is your best coffee songs, you very special sunset soundtrack at your beach house or the DJs playlist from the last night’s party at your favourite club – it is all accessible and online!

Primarily a Spotify App - Tunaspot allows the Spotify users to share their playlists in venues and  anywhere else they choose using Foursquare location data. The popularity of a Tuna is determined by several factors, among others how many times the playlist has been “caught “(subscribed to). The combination of the playlist and location can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. The most popular playlists will appear as “Hot Spot” in a certain area (Malmö, Stockholm, Sweden, Europe, etc)

Try Tunaspot Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/app/tunaspot

Social media connections like Spotify Social, Facebook and Soundcloud followers, solve part of the music curation and discovery conundrum by allowing users to see and learn from each other’s taste in music and get inspired by their trusted personal connections, followers and people they follow. By bringing in location-based filters Tunaspot is the next necessary step in music technology evolution.

Music has been at the center of the digital revolution ever since Napster, and later with the first iPod. Since the new generation of services is based on streaming music – a new problem arises – with access to all the music in the world – what should one listen to? We believe that the location is the next important filter for streaming music services.  Music is memories and memories are almost always connected to a specific location” - says Tunaspot co-founder Alex Esser.

At EMI we’re always very keen to and excited about embracing new technologies. Tunaspot’s location-based playlists are a really interesting new development in the evolution of music discovery, reflecting the differences in music and tastes from one place to another, between cities and regions and between different countries. We see the future as mobile- and location-based and are looking forward to the Tunaspot mobile apps so that the Spotify users can discover music from EMI’s artists wherever they are“ says Paul Sonkamble, Head of Innovation at EMI Music Nordic.

We are thrilled to welcome Tunaspot as our latest app. Being able to find new music has always been really important to us, and this new app adds a whole new dimension of music discovery. I’m excited to see what kind of playlists pop up in my neighbourhood says Sofie Grant, PR Lead Northern Europe, Spotify.

Tunaspot will soon be launching “Best Festival Memory 2012 Competition” in partnership with Urbanears. The Comeptition allows Tunaspot users to make their own unique playlists from their best festival memory in the summer of 2012. The Spotify users will be able to create a playlist with their best festival memories and “drop” them at the festival site on Tunaspot, including a short motivation and a #tunafestival2012 tag. The winners are selected among the playlists with most pick-ups as well as the most witty motivation.

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