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Swarming up the charts: You Me At Six and Thorpe Park join forces to create the world’s first ever dedicated roller-coaster soundtrack

Thorpe Park, the UK’s Thrill Capital, today announced a pioneering collaboration with EMI Music/Virgin Records rock band You Me At Six. As not only an industry first, but a world first, the band will record and release a track called The Swarm, dedicated entirely to mark the launch of Britain’s most extreme new roller-coaster, The Swarm, a £20 million investment for the THORPE PARK arriving in March 2012 www.thorpepark.co.uk.

As the UK’s first winged rollercoaster, riders of The Swarm will be taken on a flight for their lives through apocalyptic devastation and left completely exposed with nothing above or below them whilst hurtling through the air at death-defying speeds of almost 100km per hour. Built on its own island, a purpose built church, genuine plane wreckage and a helicopter all to add to the extreme ‘near miss’ elements, where riders feel as though they are going to smash into the landscape, and five gut-wrenching inversions.  

For the self-confessed adrenalin junkies the partnership couldn’t be more fitting, having regularly visited THORPE PARK as teenagers before joining the band in 2004 and going on to have hit albums including Hold Me Down and more recently Sinners Never Sleep. EMI Music’s You Me At Six, who won Best British Band at the 2011 Kerrang! Awards, will attend the roller-coaster’s VIP launch party on 8th March 2012, before The Swarm is officially opened to the public on 15th March 2012.

Mike Vallis, Divisional Director at Thorpe Park said: “We are enormously excited to be working with You Me At Six to mark the launch of our most extreme rollercoaster to date, The Swarm. At Thorpe Park we strive to give our adrenaline seeking fans an experience that they won’t get anywhere else, so it is hugely exciting that the world’s first dedicated song for a rollercoaster will be written for us – I’m sure our customers will jump at the chance to add this track to their iPod playlist.”

Rafael McDonnell, EMI Music’s SVP Brand Partnerships, Licensing & Synchronisation for Europe and Rest of World said: “This Partnership between Thorpe Park, EMI Music and You Me At Six is a great example of how brands can work together with the music industry to creative innovative content and marketing. The band have written a great track and the strategic fit between the tone and feel of The Swarm rollercoaster and You Me At Six makes this a perfect collaboration which benefits everyone in this partnership.”

Tickets for the opening of The Swarm are available now at www.thorpepark.co.uk.  You Me At Six’s track, The Swarm, will be available to download from iTunes, www.apple.com/itunes from 18th March 2012.


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