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Robbie Williams is newest artist to join the OpenEMI digital development platform

CANNES, 29 JANUARY 2012 – EMI Music has launched a new software developer ‘sandbox’ featuring the music and other digital content from the best-selling UK solo artist ever, Robbie Williams, as part of its OpenEMI partnership with The Echo Nest. The sandbox is available now for The Echo Nest’s global network of over 10,000 developers so they can start working on innovative new digital ideas for Robbie’s music.

The OpenEMI initiative was launched last November with thousands of tracks, videos and other digital content from EMI’s catalogue as well as dedicated developer sandboxes for specific artists including Gorillaz, Pet Shop Boys, Tinie Tempah, Evanesence and Professor Green. OpenEMI improves and streamlines the music licensing process for developers in a way that is flexible and adaptive and incorporates a groundbreaking revenue sharing structure. The first ideas that have been developed through the OpenEMI platform are currently being finalised and cleared for release.

The new Robbie Williams sandbox features all the music from Robbie’s solo career to date, including his seven number one albums, plus live tracks, remixes, videos, concert footage, images, artwork and other digital content.

Tim Clark of ie:music said: “This is a great initiative for harnessing the creativity of this developer network to come up with new and exciting ways for Robbie’s fans to enjoy and interact with his music. So many interesting and popular music applications and ideas are being launched all the time and so we’re looking for developers to unleash their imaginations and create some truly amazing digital concepts for Robbie Williams.”

The Robbie Williams sandbox can be found at http://developer.echonest.com/sandbox/emi/robbie_williams.html.

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