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Professor Green is new brand ambassador for Relentless Energy Drink

LONDON, 18 JUNE 2012 – EMI/Virgin Records artist Professor Green has been confirmed as the new brand ambassador for Relentless Energy Drink. The relationship, which was brokered by EMI Music’s UK Brand Partnerships team, runs for the next 12 months.

The first element of the partnership between Professor Green and Relentless Energy Drink is the brand’s first ever TV commercial which will be revealed by Professor Green at a special event in East London in July. The ad stars Professor Green performing a re-recorded version of his song ‘Avalon’ from his current hit album ‘At Your Inconvenience’ live on stage. Other elements of the relationship planned over the coming year include gigs, competitions, social media activities and various other special promotional projects.

Bob Workman, Vice President of Brand Partnerships at EMI Music UK said: “A combination of Professor Green’s artistic attitude and personality, as well as his incredible ability to engage with fans of all persuasions has made this exciting partnership possible. Both Professor Green and Relentless Energy Drink have such a strong sense of who they are and the cutting edge creative that Relentless Energy Drink bring to the table forms an amazing backdrop for showcasing Professor Green’s music.”

EMI’s Brand Partnerships team worked closely with both the Relentless Energy Drink brand team and Sports Vision, their long-standing live events and marketing agency, to bring this relationship to fruition.

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