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OpenEMI contest winner announced

First applications developed through OpenEMI prepared for release

CANNES, 29 JANUARY 2012 – – An audio and video remix app for EMI Music hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang has today been unveiled as the winner of the inaugural OpenEMI contest. Launched last year in partnership between EMI Music and The Echo Nest, the contest offered $5000 to the developer that devised the best digital idea from the content available on the OpenEMI platform.

The winner, developed by First Person Technologies, is a visually stunning app that features music and video from Chiddy Bang’s debut LP ‘Breakfast’ which can be mixed in multiple ways. It will be released for iOS devices through the Apple App Store at a date to be confirmed in due course. ‘Breakfast’ will be released in the UK by Parlophone and in the US by Virgin Records in March.

The OpenEMI initiative was launched last November with thousands of tracks, videos and other digital content from EMI’s catalogue as well as dedicated developer sandboxes for specific artists including Gorillaz, Pet Shop Boys, Tinie Tempah, Evanesence, Professor Green and, as of today, Robbie Williams. OpenEMI improves and streamlines the music licensing process for new digital ideas in a way that is flexible and adaptive for developers and incorporates a groundbreaking revenue sharing structure.

The first concepts that have been developed through the OpenEMI platform are currently being finalised and cleared for release. They include a keyboard-based melody-matching game that ties in with EMI’s Now That’s What I Call Music! brand and a Blue Note Records digital box set-music discovery app. The OpenEMI pipeline currently includes remix games, music discovery tools and apps inspired by the music and catalogue of individual artists.

Brendan Gartland of First Person Technologies said: “EMI has such a wealth of talent in its catalog, and we were excited to explore the ways in which we could use the OpenEMI API to enhance the consumer experience. Our mission is to create applications that engage listeners, while helping to take an artist’s career to the next level. The new Chiddy Bang single inspired us to create an application that would reflect the spirit and energy of the group in an interactive environment. EMI is clearly making the shift in how they deliver music and how it’s experienced, and we hope they will set a new precedent that resonates within and outside of the music industry.”

Bertrand Bodson, SVP Global Digital Marketing at EMI Music said: “We’re thrilled with the response from the developer community to OpenEMI. There’s clearly a huge appetite among developers for a clear, efficient and simple platform for developing digital music ideas and dealing with licensing. Through OpenEMI our artists now have the opportunity to tap into that appetite and see some really innovative creations for their music and other digital content. First Person Technologies are very worthy winners of our first OpenEMI competition with their fantastic Chiddy Bang app, and we’re really excited to be able to build further on last year’s launch, most recently with the addition of Robbie Williams’ amazing catalogue.”

“The Echo Nest and EMI partnered in November because we knew that efficient collaboration between developers and the music industry would translate to better music experiences for fans, and we were right,” said Jim Lucchese, CEO of The Echo Nest. ”Just a few months later, it’s heartening to see that this partnership has already yielded such exciting, tangible results. We appreciate all of the effort developers poured into this initiative so far and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”

About EMI Music
EMI Music is one of the world’s leading music companies, representing artists spanning all musical tastes and genres. Its record labels include Angel, Astralwerks, Blue Note, Capitol, Capitol Latin, Capitol Records Nashville, EMI Classics, EMI CMG, EMI Records, EMI Records Nashville, Manhattan, Parlophone, Virgin Classics and Virgin Records.

About The Echo Nest
The Echo Nest is a music intelligence company that connects the greatest application developers to the best data and music to enable the next generation of music experiences. Powered by the world’s only machine learning system that actively reads about and listens to music everywhere on the web, The Echo Nest opens up a massive repository of dynamic music data to application developers ranging from one-person operations to multinational corporations.  In addition to the most advanced music application development software and developer toolkits, The Echo Nest’s intelligence platform offers over 5 billion data points on over 30 million songs and over 2 million artists.  Over 200 music applications have been built on its platform to date and The Echo Nest’s customers reach over 100 million music fans every month.

The Echo Nest was co-founded by two MIT Media Lab PhDs. Winner of three National Science Foundation SBIR grants, The Echo Nest’s investors include Matrix Partners and Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Argos Management and three co-founders of MIT Media Lab. For more information, visit echonest.com.


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