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Jean-Philippe Rolland appointed A&R president, EMI Classics

LONDON, 28 JUNE 2012 — Jean-Philippe Rolland has been promoted to A&R president, EMI Classics, effective July 1. Reporting to Andria Vidler, CEO of EMI Music UK & Ireland, Rolland will lead A&R for EMI Classics, one of the best known and most successful labels in classical music.

Based in both London and Paris, Rolland assumes the A&R responsibilities of Andrew Cornall who will continue to work closely with Rolland and EMI Classics as an A&R consultant. Rolland, who joins the company from sister label Virgin Classics in Paris, where he was international A&R director, will work with EMI Classics’ world class roster of superstar and developing artists as well as looking for new signings from around the globe.

Andria Vidler said: “I’m delighted that Jean-Philippe is joining EMI Classics in this important role to strengthen our A&R capability. Classical music is core to EMI and in Jean-Philippe we have one of the most experienced and respected A&Rs in the business.”

“Since joining EMI Andrew Cornall has been responsible for a number of exciting new signings and I’m very pleased that we will continue to benefit from his passion and expertise.”

Rolland said: “I have been working closely with the EMI team in London for many years and it is my pleasure to strengthen our professional relationships to achieve more successful projects together.”

Rolland began his career in 1989 as a promoter for the Théâtre des Champs Elysées concert venue in Paris. In 1994, he joined the Ecole Nationale du Cirque Annie Fratellini as executive producer and tour director, leaving in 1997 to join Virgin Classics International and EMI Classics as production and recording director. He holds a bachelors and masters degree in English from the Sorbonne, Paris, and a PhD in Cultural Engineering from the ISMC, Paris. During his career he has worked with a huge variety of some of the world’s top classical artists including Natalie Dessay, Philippe Jaroussky, Joyce DiDonato, Emmanuelle Haïm.


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