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EMI, Spotify and Luger presents Way Out West Hack Battle

EMI Music, one of the world’s leading music companies, Spotify and Luger present Sweden’s greatest music hackathon next month in Gothenburg!

As part of the Way Out West festival hackers from all over Europe will gather to develop exciting new ideas with a brief of “music discovery”. Examples of successful hacks from previous events are Tweetwine, CTRL and Chordify, which have been widely embraced by music fans across the globe.

“In a world where fans have 20 million songs at their fingertips, we want to guide them through that amazing catalogue of music and help them discover something new. It’s like buying a CD for a friend 20 years ago that you knew they would love – we want to replicate that feeling on a huge scale!” - Paul Sonkamble, Head of EMI Nordics Innovation Lab

“So far, EMI’s apps have had hundreds of thousands of installs and millions of incremental streams deriving from them. They have helped our artist’s music to be discovered by more people and fans have been able to seamlessly dive deep into Spotify’s vast catalogue. We’re proud to be part of this special Hack Battle at Way Out West together with Luger and Spotify” - Stefan Blom, Chairman & President EMI Nordics

“For more than 20 years, Luger has led the market in Scandinavia supporting not only established acts, but new and exciting music. The Hack Battle was a logical next step for us, and an evidence of our commitment to innovation” - Patrick Fredriksson, Founder at Luger

“We’re excited to see events like these since they really help deepen the music experience on Spotify. We’ve seen some great examples of this already and we’re excited to see more cool apps in the future” - Sofie Grant, PR Lead Northern Europe at Spotify

Way Out West – Hack Battle will take place between the 6th – 8th of August at Bel Park in Gothenburg. For more information about the event please visit:
www.emi.se/wowhack www.spotify.com  www.wayoutwest.se

Follow the event on Twitter using the #wowhack hashtag.

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