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EMI Music launches Nordic Innovation & Insight initiative

STOCKHOLM, 12 APRIL 2012 – EMI Music’s Nordic region has today announced the formation of a new Innovation & Insight team and Innovation Lab that will help develop and promote innovative solutions and operational best practices throughout the countries in the region – Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden – and which can be shared throughout EMI Music.

The team will be a central element in EMI Music’s unique pan-Nordic business structure in which all areas of management and operations are completely and seamlessly integrated across all four countries. The Innovation & Insight team will work alongside EMI’s existing people and departments to find and develop new and improved ways of connecting artists with their fans. A key part of this initiative is the team’s Innovation Lab which will enable an enhanced focus on finding, devising and testing promising new ideas such as cutting edge digital campaign plans, new tools, emerging technologies and working methods or developing attractive physical product ideas. The Innovation & Insight team will also coordinate and develop EMI Music’s capabilities in all areas of digital communication such as consumer insight and social media.

Stefan Blom, Chairman of EMI Music Nordics, said: “The Nordic countries have long been at the forefront of innovation both creatively and commercially in music and so by forming our new Innovation & Insight team and Innovation Lab we’re creating a structure and resource that will enable us to further develop our best in class capabilities and ensure that EMI Music continues to provide our artists with the smartest, fastest and most effective service possible.”

The Innovation & Insight team is headed by Paul Sonkamble, Head of Innovation & Insight, who is based in Stockholm, supported by team members in all four Nordic countries.


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