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EMI Music and Panasonic partner for Katy Perry’s first 3D music video

NEW YORK, July 10, 2012 — In a new partnership between EMI Music and multinational electronics company Panasonic, the video for global pop superstar Katy Perry’s latest single, ‘Wide Awake’, will be released in 3D. This will be Katy’s first ever 3D music video, with Panasonic taking exclusive rights to use the video to showcase its new 3D products. The HD version of the video, directed by Tony Truand, was released on Monday, June 18th in advance of the movie ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D’ which was released on July 5th through Paramount’s Insurge Pictures.

The tie-in, which was brokered by EMI’s Brand Partnerships team, will see Panasonic showing the 3D video at Consumer Electronics trade shows, including IFA in Berlin in September as well in stores with Panasonic VIERA TVs on display around the world starting this Fall.

Bart Saunt, Senior Director for Brand Partnerships for EMI Music North America, said: “We started working on an agreement with Panasonic to make a stunning 3D music video a year ago but needed the right opportunity, and – Katy’s ‘Wide Awake’ video gave us the perfect opportunity.”

Mr. Hideki Umetani, Group Manager of Communications Group, AVC Marketing Division of GCMS for Panasonic Corporation said: “We are very excited about this collaboration opportunity with Katy’s new 3D video with EMI Music North America. This 3D video clip will definitely deliver crisp and immersive images. We believe this high quality 3D video will demonstrate our flat panel TV’s superior performance.”

‘Wide Awake’ is the latest single from Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection” special edition album, following the chart-topping success of ‘Part Of Me’ earlier this year. Last year, Katy became the first woman to score five Billboard Hot 100 hits from the same album. Since 2008, she has topped charts in over 25 countries, selling more than 74 million digital tracks and mobile products, and well over 10 million albums.

View ‘Wide Awake’ HD here: http://vevo.ly/LQBIT4

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