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EMI Label Services/Caroline launch March Is Metal Month 2012

EMI Music Label Services/Caroline Distribution is celebrating its fourth year of bringing metal to the masses with the March Is Metal Month (MIMM) retail campaign which kicks off in physical and digital music stores around the US on March 1.

The campaign – a collaboration between retailers, record companies and digital partners – promises to be bigger than ever with unique merchandise including a CD sampler, posters, a T-shirt featuring the art of Rich Hall, and competitions to win signed instruments, albums and gig tickets.

March is Metal Month continues the tradition of working with the best rock labels to showcase top tracks from their roster of talent.  This year’s sampler includes the tracks ‘Undaunted’ from Adrenaline Mob’s upcoming album ‘Omerta’; Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah’s ‘The Demon’s Name is Silence’ and Five Finger Death Punch have added their previously digital-only release ‘The Tragic Truth’. Fans of Southern hardcore metal band Corrosion Of Conformity are in for a treat with their track ‘The Money Changers’ also included – their first release in 25 years.

Andrew Hosner, VP of Sales for Century Media – whose label have included seven tracks in the sampler including 3 Inches of Blood’s ‘Leather Lord’ – commented, “MIMM has become a mainstay in the metal community and an event that huge numbers of metal fans look forward to. MIMM 2012 promises to be the strongest yet!”

Season of Mist label President, Michael Berberian said: “MIMM is the perfect way to celebrate the insanity of the music we like and the stores that are so crucial to bringing it to us. This spring, metal is marching on.”

“Metal Club represents a good number of awesome record stores who love and support the metal music community so we’re happy to once again be a part of March is Metal Month,” added Michael Kurtz of Record Store Day’s Metal Club.

Said EMI Label Services/Caroline Distribution EVP/GM Mike Harris: “We have the honor of working with some of the greatest metal labels in the world and March Is Metal Month is our chance to celebrate their incredible music and share it with fans.”

Longtime March Is Metal Month partner and Founder/Editor of Metalinsider.net, Bram Teitelman, added: “We’ve been involved in March is Metal Month since its inception. We’re always psyched to help get metal fans get more excited about their favorite bands, especially if it gets them into their local independent record store.”

As with previous years, Metal Insider, Metal Injection, Metal Sucks, The Metal Club and Metal crew will all host competitions to encourage fans to visit their local record stores. There are some great prizes up for grabs including a Megadeth autographed guitar, Mike Portnoy autographed drum head and an autographed Lacuna Coil microphone, plus there will also be prize packs, signed albums and ticket giveaways.

You can find out more about March is Metal on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/themetalcrew; Twitter:

http://twitter.com/themetalcrew; or log onto our website www.marchismetalmonth.com. – The website has full details of which local retailers are participating in the MMM promotion

- ends -

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